Brackets & Plates

Shisham Stanley Group does not only hold large stocks of common fixing plates, panel clips and angle brackets, we also have the capabilities and facilities to manufacture custom plates and brackets to suit your requirements. Send through your drawings to our friendly staff for an obligation free quotation.

Panel Clips
Panel Clip
 Part Number  Description
 22-PCLIPGREY  Panel Clip (Cleat) Grey
 22-PCLIPGALV  Panel Clip (Cleat) Galvanised
 Custom panel clips made to order

Panel Clips (Cleats) available in stock. We have both painted & galvanized in stock and also manufacture to your specifications.

Panel Fixing Plates
Fixing Plate
 Part Number  Description
 22-FP3507510  350x75x10mm with 2 x 80mm slots
 22-FP3007510  300x75x10mm with 2 x 80mm slots
 22-FP35010010  350x100x10 with 2 x 80mm slots
 22-FP30010010  300x100x10 with 2 x 80mm slots
   Custom plates made to order

Fixing (Fish, Stitch, Weld) Plates used for panel to panel connections. Available with slots or holes, slots can be in any direction and are tailored to your needs.

 Panel Angle Brackets
Angle Bracket
 Part Number  Description
 22-ANGLE  220x150x10mm x 100W with 2 x 80mm slots
   Custom angles and brackets made to order

Angle brackets designed for panel to panel connections. Our standard size is detailed below, custom brackets of all shapes and sizes made to order. We specialize in fast turnaround and delivery to your project.